WARM.         CONCISE.

Welcome to my site!  I’m Elisabeth Firestone – Writer, Narrator. I specialize in:


What makes the best communication?  …Mastery of the English language?  …Authority?  …Charisma?
It’s said ninety percent of our communication is non-verbal — that who we are, how we “be,” is what you hear.

It’s my commitment to communicate according to the principles of Nonviolent Communication, focusing on integrity, authenticity, and connection.

I can help you:

  • Disentagle facts from evaluations;
  • Clarify and illuminate the essence of what is relevant, and
  • Deliver information respectfully, with consideration for differing points of view.

Allow me to shine the light on what makes you unique to your clients, patients, or partners – why you are their best choice.

“One of the best presentations of this subject I have seen. Clear and concise. Thank you so much for making a video I can share with friends.  … this is different, and very much appreciated.”- Lonnie G.

“Wonderful narration……other channels please take note!”  Christine L.

“Congratulations. The best I’ve seen on the subject ever!  (the voice & tone of the narrator makes it perfect.) thank you.  – Y.H.

“When I heard Lisa Firestone’s audition, I knew my search for a producer of the audio version of my spiritual book was over. I listened to over two-dozen auditions, but Lisa’s captured the intention behind my words with uncanny accuracy. Her voice is warm, her diction is clear without being pretentious, her accent is neutral, and she intuitively knows how to bring passages to life with expression and emotion. Lisa is also a genuinely caring person who is a pleasure to work with.”    Patricia A. Lynch, author.

“OMG, I love this narrator!!! She is the very best on u tube hands down!!!  I could listen to her read the friggin alphabet!!” – Calvin Z.

“This is one of the best videos I’ve seen produced on YouTube. A great pleasant voice giving a simple easy paced guide throughout the entire film.” Jim B

ARE YOU SEEKING RESULTS?  … let me help you!

I helped this client by writing and narrating YouTube documentaries, including his top three highest viewed from over 250 on his channel:

Collectively, the English versions of 17 of my commissioned, documentary-style videos have exceeded 39 million views within three years. Here are samples (following the 30 second ad):

Voiceover Samples

Finally, if you are need of MUSIC to accompany a project, you may find something in my personal library, which consists of five personal albums.  Or I can create and provide any style of accompaniment to suit your media needs.

Please contact me for more information, or to discuss a project.

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